How I am Doing

It’s been a long time that I have not updated my blog, whereas, there has been plenty of wonderful things happened. Actually, there are a lot of ideas coming up in my mind so I can write it down, but, well… it just ended up with no writing.

Well, I am going to update my life at first. If you asked me how my life has been going for the last year, here is the answer.

Mentally, I am doing well. Umm, no. I am doing much better than ever before. Especially after marriage, because it fundamentally changes my life. I am getting more oriented, supported, and fulfilled. To have one person in my life significantly transform my world. There are more responsibilities and concerns that I have to deal with, nonetheless, I also have more time to explore my self, my life, and how our future will be. The coolest part is that I have the true partner in life who is complementary to me. We discover things that matters, we support each other. And this person has been my greatest mercy this year.

Daily, I am struggling with time zone difference between Indonesia and United Kingdom. My spouse is now in London to pursue his ambition. At first, I thought it’s going to be very difficult, but, no. Thanks to technology! We can connect and see each other’s face every day.

Psychologically, I feel vibrant. I don’t know exactly why, but I just feel more enthusiastic in doing my work at, preparing my departure, and running my @Crable_Stationery business especially. After such a long exploration, I finally decide which way that I will go on. This was triggered since preparation days for scholarship. I was obliged to examine and look into my strength, passion, and how I will contribute to society. Anyway, I am quite excited with the course I will take next year (aamiin, in syaa Allah).

Physically, I have not had my period for more than 50 days. Yes, there was something on me. But then God had another plan, so we separated. I am optimistic that it was the best for us.


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