#9 Untuk Hana-yang-berumur-kurang-lebih-30-tahun

Dear Hana-who-is-about-30-years-old,

if our relationship is like in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ the series, probably this would be the final session (if you know what I mean). And before our time-journey has been ended, I would like to talk about your children, if you let me do.

I don’t know whether you finally decided to name all of your children by poetic phrase or simply the name Tabebuia (like what I am obsessing by now). However, whatever you and your husband give the name, I truly believe that they will grow as beautiful as you wish. And, I actually is curious about having a child. How you manage your time whilst you develop a human from the scratch?

The Learning Babies

Dear Hana-who-is-about-30-years-old, Do you remember business intelligence you had studied in bachelor degree? A numerous amount of data is gathered and makes a pattern of data behaviour.

I am now assuming that humans are just like learning machine that we used to know in college. They absorb informations and things in surrounding and generate the pattern in order to make decision. The children see how you act, how you communicate with your husband, and how your connection with God is, and anything in their vicinity. By all of those inputs, they process and make rule which one is right or wrong, what should and should not be done.

And by that way, I utterly recommend you give the most valuable input towards them: acquainting them with their God. Tell them that they always have One and this what their life is for. In every situation when people never support, when common seems wrong, they will always prioritise God in their journey.

Don’t be such a fool

Lately, I am being such a fool. I do some works that waste my time. No time for reading more, writing in blog (unless this one), having the haircut, spending quality time with family, or arranging the future. I let my self be drowned in pattern.

And I truly don’t want you be that way.

Think your life. Feel it deeply. Don’t get fall in routine with nothing you can’t think of, with nothing you can’t contemplate about. I don’t care whether you are about to get a million dollars project or you have many works from your office. Observe your life as it always gives riddle you have to solve everyday; because the value you can get from life is the learning, not the money collected nor the busy routines you are sinked in.

Think and tell your children what life is about.

Your Children Deserve Better

This is what I am afraid of: being trapped in mediocrity. You think everything is going good. In fact, it is truly good, but not great enough for people like you, your husband, and your children. Your family deserve more than a car and private school.

They deserve a super great mother. She who acts further and thinks beyond common people think. I completely rely on you for how you want your children be. But please, they are worth for the superb parents. And to take that, it needs much and cooperative endeavour.

Your children are too valuable to have a moderate mother.

In the end

you are just a mother, who, together with the man, is entrusted to raise a mini part of one generation. I truly believe that you have put such a big attempt to nurture the children. In the end, when all are said and done, He who owns them.


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