A 20-points Answer for How Are You

If someone, commonly a college friend who has just not met since graduation day, asks me how it is going, normally I would like to say that I work at Selasar, do some other projects, run a business, and prepare for school. It’s a short answer. Worth for 5 points.

For a 20-points-explainable-long answer, here is my condition.

Physically I moved to wayside of Margonda, st. At the height of 7th floor from ground, it’s not pretty easy to find an affordable and delectable food for everyday life. The good news is, the height makes this 22-geeky girl tries to make her own food, from the kitchen where has a strong onion smell particularly after the battle of making seasoning chicken. At the end, it’s worth dining. Not bad, really.

This room is a comfort place to enjoy a cup of tea while staring at the big window framing a sun which slightly goes down. Some people who had used to come to the old house are visiting this place and found it awesome. I thought leaving the memorable old house would be an emotional moment, but it’s not. I think it’s because the memory clings to human, not the house.

the view in this photo is not really beautiful. I would like to remain the great one while you are visiting here.

the view in this photo is not really beautiful. I would like to remain the great one while you are visiting here.

Emotionally I have just broken my introvert-A type-rule: trust to new people. Normally, I don’t trust them, such as giving my personal information, especially for private business. As a further matter, after last heart-voyage, I had just locked my self and put the “Sorry for the inconvenience, Under renovation” board in the front gate. I mean, it’s a difficult condition to be host, particularly for new people.

However, there is always an exception. I think I have met it at the first glance.

Personally, the exception above has triggered a new ardor. It builds the enthusiasm that I have been craving for, like opening up a curtain of a brand new lively hope. This is the best part. (I will tell you more soon)

Spiritually, I have felt that God preserves me fondly. This year I was given a chance to sacrifice more. I put the prayer in it, wishing for a life shaded by His guidance and blessing.

Unfortunately I missed the blessed goat. But I try to make a picture with other’s blessed cow before it turned into rendang in the kitchen.

We have just met once here, do we seem like an A-team?

We have just met once here, do we seem like an A-team?

Additionally, I was excited while seeing this book at the bookstore. Actually I don’t trust the story of the lost manuscript that has been found after decades. It’s a pretty good marketing story to attach reader emotionally. In spite of the exaggerated-marketing-story, the fact is: Harper Lee is coming to town!! I adore so much the way she shaped the character and managed the flow in To Kill a Mockingbird. So I can’t wait to finish this post and eat the satay while reading Go Set a Watchman.

No comment. Just want to enjoy it immediately

No comment. Just want to enjoy it immediately

Generally, I feel so much luck recently just because of Him. I don’t know how to count the blessing given to me, and the whole world.

Is it worth a full 20-points?


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