Dear Hana, S.Kom

Dear Hana, S.Kom,

Here I am now, sitting at the corner in one of the cafe in Margonda street, harnessing the free wi-fi to download a 200 MB software. It’s been almost 2 months that I don’t get in touch with college business. My mind is now free from which courses I have to choose onward.

Anyway, congratulation for having new attribute behind your name. It suits your name beautifully. But I think don’t get too tacky with that attribute. Perhaps it means nothing to your life unless you make it wisely. I wish you are comfort with the toga.

Congratulation for the girls

Congratulation for the girls

Don’t get too long with your euphoria, making up your face with lipstic and blush on, hugging your friends with tears coming down, and making a beautiful studio photo framed in black. Things you are uploading in Path and loves you get after posting a picture of your graduation day are the very modicum world you will face afterwards.

Go get your toga and dress off at night. Waking up early in the next day, and you will face the new world. It will look the same but there are discrepancies you need to step on.

Knowing where you stand right now does matter

I know, I know. You were assorting with many people in campus. You had many experiences in both local and national team. And you had knocked down the thesis challenge at the end.

But baby, being exist in real world is not only the matter of achievement and the length of your CV. The first rule my mom always said to me is: know your position. Your bachelor degree is both an achievement and a starting point of your step. It may lead you to a new place. And then, you have to make a new step. Your absolute career in campus can not lead you not to be a junior in your office. Your A-scores do not mean you can skip the learning in your work.

Making others be comfort with you otherwise you thwart your self. Making impacts to your vicinity otherwise your degree is futile. People will never account you as a considerable human being unless you keep your chin down and give something valuable to them.

These people don't care with your final GPA

These people don’t care with your final GPA

People come and go

There are people you had been used to congregate in months or years. You shared lunch together and turned a bad day into a beautiful one. But then, after unforgettable days you’ve been faced, they leave. Some are working hard in the central Jakarta. Some are wandering overseas.

You may cry in your graduation day, as it’s your final day meeting them. Hugging like you don’t want to face the reality that, they will possibly not in your vicinity anymore. You miss them. Like a baby teeth. You are crying for loosing something you think you need forever. In fact, they are just growing, and you too.

Those people around you right now or before, they’ve been pieces of your wonderful life. You’ve got to complete your pictures. Replace your frame from your amazing best friends to another awesome person bringing your puzzle.

The people surround you, they come, and they go. But life is a show must go on.

This photo had been taken 2 year ago. Now one of them has married, one is going to get married, one is in Bukittingi, and one is developing property business

This photo had been taken 2 year ago. Now one of them has married, one is going to get married, one is in Bukittingi, and one is developing property business

Filtering is not the matter only for firewall

there are so many things come in your face. Some paths seem convincing, others are incredulous. A smart look guy with a fascinating track record in Harvard school may offer you with the notion against your principle. The scientific research may show you something weird.

This world contains numerous notions, ideas, principles, and values that may be true or wrong or doubtful. The book, people, music, scientific research, they are coming with a value within. Values that may suit you fitly, and values that will break you into pieces.

Your heart knows there is something not true. But your logic can’t find out what’s wrong. If you have not been able to answer all the question in life, filtering feature may be a solution. Don’t accept everything around you before questioning. Have a principle and stand on it, for every consideration and decision you make.

these words are coming towards you

these words are coming towards you

Life with an absolute choice is Life that’s hard

This is where you stand. No compulsory courses. No 8 o’clock class. You can be a full time entrepreneur. You can be a master student. You may have a dollars-paid job. You can spend your 12 hours to feed your cats.

You can be anything.

The series of your college life has ended, starting at the 1st session in primary school to the last season in college. It’s time to you for writing a new movie script. You may choose your framework freely, the actor, the story, and the settings. It’s no longer restricted to be semester by semester.

This sovereignty also leads to a complete responsibility. High gain with high risk? Or enough gain with low risk? It’s your coin to flip. After having a scheduled days, you have a full control in your hand. You now have all the time you were craving in busy deadlines. It seems like you can lost in books or sink in a non-stop 20 hours movie. Anything you do, the clock never stop tick-tock-ing. In college, you might be a deadliner, but there always be a red-marked date in calendar warning you. Now? It’s you deciding to stop, to run, to hold, and to turn over.

Just remember, not choosing and keeping self in never-ending obfuscation is the highest risk.

Unfortunately, this free-will choice is indisputable. So, yeah have fun with yourself.

Finding yourself is a never-ending journey 

true. There’s an up and a down. You think you know your self but you don’t know that much. Exploring the world, meeting new people, and giving the relentless effort for everything can help dig yourself.

Only never stray from the circle formed who you really are. Keep rolling and finding out, to reach a point of the best you.

find your self

find your self

Good luck.


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