How It Feels to Work at Media (Part 1) my current position

In the early years in college, I once wanted to work at media. No specific reason, just thought that all things media related were pretty cool.

In the year-end, God granted my wish. I started working at It’s an online media portal 2.0, where everyone can contribute to share their thoughts. And yeah, my hypothesis was true. It’s cool.

In the beginning, it was…under-expectation. I was assigned to publicize articles I thought they were raw, unattractive, and tedious. There were only about 7 articles updated daily, some of them were mediocre news, some of them were about political issues that I never understood. And I had to publicize them at least 55 times a day! It was…challenging (?).

However, time flies and God blesses is started reaching its vision. Contributors are coming day by day. Many great people are tended to write in Many great thoughts are shared. It’s becoming a place where people can share thoughts, collaborate ideas, and discuss issues in elegant way (everybody can comment at will in social media, but wrap them up in a proper words, give valid data, and form an article?).

This platform (i.e. helps me curate the information I want to get. It’s ways better than absorbing information in social media. The authors are eligible, the content (mainly) is worthy because it contains data and deep analysis. When an issue is out e.g. #CharlieHebdo issue, contributors are racing to write their opinions toward this. There is on the side of satirist, moslem, and a factcheck about the issue. More interesting is when contributors are discussing and mutually respond via article. A contributor write about his thought, another contributor reply it by writing another article. It was….cute (?). This suits me because I used to be a listener. I like to know people’s mind (that’s why I love asking them) and absorbing knowledge and insight.

Uhm well, I starts to write like ambassador….

Anyway, it’s very fascinating to read new point of view everyday. I used to know that people’s mind are completely varied. What’s easier than sitting in front of laptop to open the mind? (Other online media of course give this ease, but I had to choose and this takes time. But when it’s combined with job, it’s a better choice).

However, this kind of thing can be achieved even you are not in my job. Just reading daily and you can read human’s brain. Next post I will tell about other experiences regarding to this job, that you, a common reader, won’t get.

1. this post are made sincerely, no coercion behind
2. I also publish it at my ghoster blog, try it to get better experience reading a blog


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