It was a story about us

It was a story about hatred.

The red country had a big hatred with green country. They were enemies for decades. For any resident caught wearing green shirt, they would end. For any books green covered, it would be burnt. ‘Kill anyone who loves green! Who wear green shirt and plant a greenery in the lawn, kill them!” Said the king of a red country.

In a library, there was a very nationalist man. He was gazing a book for hours. He wore glasses, rather old but not so bold. With his furrowed forehead, he was squatting to staring the book in the same position. The book was closed. It was stood on the table, with front-cover faced the man.

The other man came and saw the old man. He was younger, but not so young. He wore white t-shirt and red sneakers. He felt that the book-cover-gazing-activity irritated him. He came to the old man, asking what he did.

The old man said, he was praying and contemplating. In red country, contemplating your sins while gazing the red color (anything colored red) was counted praying. 

The young man saw the book from his side. It was black-covered book. No red at all.  He was confused. He told the old man, it was black and no red.

The old man insisted. It was red. He had stared it for hours and he was sure it was red. The young man persisted assure the old man. He told he saw black in the book cover. He didn’t want the prayer done by the old man was vain.

The old man, still gazing the book, felt annoyed. He asked the young man to leave. The young man still there, still assured him. The old man lose his patience. He took off his glasses, put them on the table. And stood up slowly.

At a glance, he saw that the young man wore a green t-shirt. What a shame! A despicable young man from green country asked me stop praying! He then took his gun, shot the young man in sudden, without giving any second to teh young man.

The old man sat back down. Feeling satisfied after doing thing he thought it was right. The book was failing to the floor. He put the book and saw the black back cover. He realized the book had a red front cover and a black back cover. He was pensive. He looked at the wall, it should be white, but he saw the green. It was the complementary effect of red color. He sat on the floor. He realized the young man was not wrong, the cover was black (and red). The worse thing, he realized he had shot his friend.


3 thoughts on “It was a story about us

  1. Nice analogy. It’s all about perspective. Everyone has their own way to see something so he/she has a responsibility to explain his/her view clearly to other people to make them understand each other. And people should not put hatred before anything else, right?
    But, I still don’t understand how the green color made. Complementary effect of red? Is it because of the sunlight? (I assume this is still rational thing :p )

    • halo Mawan! Thanks for your opinion. I have read once in Conan (volume 60s), if someone look at the red color for such a long time, when he shift his gaze to a white screen, it will appear in green. That’s why a surgeon wear a green clothes, because it will reduce the complementary effect after seeing at the blood (which is red) for long time. Cmiiw 😀

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