Green Horn and Old Traveller

A green horn is a freshman.
This is the first time he goes to Wild West.
This is the first gun in his hand.
He thinks hunting for the biggest bison
is the brave things,
when he eats the meat
it is like a rubber.

He can hit a big butt
with one hand one slap.
He can kill the grizzly bear
with a knife in hands, no gun.
But everybody calls him green horn.
And green horn always thinks that
he is better than them because
he actually is.

He is an old traveller, a person whom
green horn always learn from.
He lives in the world where
he can make his own jacket
from the grizzly bear’s skin.
He knows how to make noose and he
is sure he can catch any horse
he wants.
He always proudly shows up
only to a green horn
his ability to play the noose
and says with too much confidence
about how to trace those red skins.

He knows that a green horn is even
smarter and stronger than him though
he always says
you are only a green horn.


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