Sometimes, Puk Puk

You open your email account and you’ve got rejection email for your job entry. Or in other case, you look at your quiz result last week which is not really good. You are feel sort of damn. You feel sad, in an exaggerate way, like the most unlucky person. You need friend. Person whom you used to confide with. Person who is able to listen your complain of the unfairness of life. You need an actor to give the motivation back, someone who said everything is okay or you are still great or things like that.

That person, sometimes, tap your shoulder gently, and give emphaty with puk-puk face. In the end, he/she will say that you are great. They ask you to trust the result which is the best for you. Sometimes it is ended up with a warm hug. You feel much better.

The desire to tell your little problem slowly turns into an unnecessary need. The rejection and bad score you’ve got seems soooo big without your friend. You always need someone’s hand when you fall down. You feel so little now in this world. You are dependent.

Another person, sometimes, just laugh at you. Or saying that you are a badluck person in a sort of hurting words, maybe. Then he/she will go to another topic, talk about something more. You feel the ignorance.

You may think that you make mistake by making him/her your best friend. But the point here is that maybe he/she trusts you much more than other does. He/she knows that you are too great to be sad of those bad scores. You have already known that the rejection is just another part of life and you are not that stupid even with the bad score. You just want a validation from someone, that probably you may not need. Actually you can stand up by your self without someone’s hand.

Sometimes you don’t need a puk-puk when you are down.
Sometimes ignorance makes you face the world in a thougher and more logical way.


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