The Guy Who Attracts Me

That guy in the shop attracts my eyes.

He is not a young and handsome guy. He is not such a pathetic homeless guys. He is utterly just a guy sitting on the chair in the shop. With the same position, with his eyes looking at the tables, may be reading, analysing, or writing something. The shop, if I may say, is quite quiet, not having many customer. It was only 3 or 4 people eating there when I go pass it. That is what attracts me when I am walking down to my living home.

And I never miss a chance to turn my head upon him.

Yesterday, I got a chance, to talk with him, for the sake of Intip project. I thought that we would discuss about how the shop was running or what he usually did at that table. But life offered something different. He talked more about him and his life.

He is from Iraq. He was a journalist there. He ran away from his country, planned to go Australia illegally, but he stucked here. In his old country, he couldn’t say his opinion freely. There is a holy person who can’t make mistake. And if you want to say that what that holy man doing is wrong, you will be ignored, and may be get shot. That is why he is here now, looking for a better life.

He was born as a Moslem but he doesn’t believe in religion. He thinks that every religions are the same, offer something good. But it doesn’t reflect on people’s behavior. He thinks that the behavior of religious people are not appropiate with what the religion ask them to. So, what is the function of religion? “Governments and president here are the moslem, but why they do corruption?” ask him. The people in his country are very well-religious but they act like they aren’t. So he is disappointed in religion, hence he said, “I don’t care you are Moslem, Christian, or Jewish. Please don’t ask me to follow your religion.”

Now he is working as a cook and controller in the shop. He get an ecomonic problem here in Indonesia. Now waiting for the united nation to help him and his friends. When we asked him about the dreams, he said, “I want to live in a country where I can say my opinion without getting shot.”


I am so grateful to live here. And I am very grateful to have faith.


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