#1 This is Today

The day
Friday the seven of March

The things done
Mach Internship selection by Microsoft

The lesson
– Do the best beyond the limit yeah. People out there have the limitless energy to improve. Dont want to be retarded huh?
– never be hesitate to improve the self quality. There is never enough to be a better person, so learn mooooooreeee
– Don’t take hedonism as idealism. Do it just once in a while and make it so worthy. Like a rujak cost IDR38,000 which tastes soooo yum!

The wishes
wish me get the best internship
wish me get my money back soon

Foot note
Actually I cant imagine how my life will be if I have to work at Sudirman. Out of the traffic problem, I think it is a nice place to work, to learn, to improve. Because it is where the best people who are brave to crack the zone are gathering.
Anyway what does it call when I took my IDR250.000 and there are only several 2000s in the wallet?

The proof


Guess what inside the box is


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