The Story of a Tall Man and Beautiful Lady

Twenty two years ago. In a city in a country over there. Accross the sea, accross the islands. Where the cherry trees were adorning the road. With a neither hot nor too cold wind. A tall man, thin but pretty steady. With the dress he rarely wore. Coming over to the building. With a sturdy faith. To marry a lady.

A beautiful lady coming from a foreign country. To learn, to see the world. With a little wish. That God would not let her alone.

Several months before, the tall man and the beautiful lady met in a community. A chairman and a secretary. Pretty classic story. But they made it exist.

On the third of January nineteen-ninety-two. With a pink blossom and a neither hot nor too cold wind accompanying. They declared the commitment. Trust to each other. To live together, for the sake of Him.


Today, a tall man and a beautiful lady is reaching each fifty. The hair slowly changes to white. The wrinkle says hello in a face. In a not too big home, in a city where a hero was born in. With a girl wandering eight-hundreds kilometers away to learn the universe. And a very uniquely smart boy with a thick glasses. With any condition. From wind that is too cold. Or sun that shines so bright.  The love and fond are still. The commitment and trust are kept. Always and will.


Ps: may Allah bless you, a tall father and beautiful mother 🙂


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