Does Enough Exist?

I’m curious.
Does the enough feeling exist?
Can we live only with “I am done with all this blessing, it’s enough with no more ask”
Can we say just, thank you?

Human are created with dissability of feeling satisfied. We always ask for something, even if we have been given. Then ask again. Again. and again. The feeling of not-satisfied-yet and less are permanent.

On the moment where you are rewarded for the gold medal or opportunities to go around the world, or you are wonderfully blessed. After you say thank you, is there any hope? I wish this medal can make my parents proud. I hope this will be a nice trip. God bless me.

There always be any request, any prayer after the one is accomplished. It is a never ending journey. It’s permanent, can’t be removed. Like energy. There always be hope.

Can we feel enough?

But, if we feel everything is just enough, we will be stop asking, stop praying?
Enough is the sign of i-dont-need-anything-anymore. No more ask, no more hope, no more prayer. Sign of losing energy: end.

Is it better to feel enough or not?


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