The Marsenese

I know that somewhere, in a whatever galaxy, there is a planet called Mars.
I have not gone there, but I have met the Mars citizen, called Marsenese.
When I first met them, I once felt scared and vigilant with them. Because they were so strange with the glossy skin, odd gaze, and long antenna.

They were very simple and ignorant. They could only wear sandals and t-shirt to attend to the party held in my planet. They only spent 5 minutes to dress up to college (I get suspicious that they didn’t take a shower). Sometimes they were very ambitious. They can do everything and be focus to get what they want. They loved watching other Marsenese playing football until midnight and be noisy. They were really good in navigating and remembering the roadmap. They were expert in analyzing the situation but poor in feeling the emotion. Some of them loved to play music, and being a band member is one of their prestige.

But when I got closer to them, they were not that peculiar. They were outwardly not really different to me. We could watch thousand movies in a night, with a popcorn in our hands. We could share our lunch every day. We could listen to the same music together with shared earphone. What made our inter-planet-connection really meaningful is, we could share the story and laugh and tears even we came from different planet, with different time zone, and different language.

Getting much closer to them, I found another facts of our connection. We were not understanding each other that much. Many times we had different meaning and understanding. It was because we talked with different language. I think I have to install the super Google Translator in my brain when I talked to them. Sometimes we had different favorite movie characters. Sometimes we didn’t want to give our best meal. Sometimes we snatched each other to the playlist we had. And we often argued about unimportant things.

Maybe it is not that we can’t have a quality time together forever. All of the dislike, unmeaningful argument, and the misunderstanding between us happen because of….us. may be it because I can’t keep silence seeing their mess. May be they still want to play when I ask them to stop. May be they don’t like my stupidness in navigating. May be they can’t wait me to dress up. May be we can not accept each other.

May be we are not ready yet to understand each other.

Knowing the Marsenese is great, really. They are good and unique even we are basically different. However, it may not now to get closer to them. I have to learn much about the Mars and solar system to wisely accept the difference. I have to used to learn the navigation and football. I have to install the super translator to minimize the misunderstanding. More important, I have to understand my self first.

And when I get much smarter, I will be ready to come back and have a new talk with the new Marsenese. It is no matter whether he comes from Mars and I am from another planet. And when he coming up, I will say, “Let’s choose our own planet.”


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