The Questions

I think a man should have answered these following question before proposing for a best girl:
1. what is the intention he lives?
the question is about what his vision of life is, what makes his life worthy. What is the goal of his life?
2. what is his value and passion?
it asks about what the principle he brings very intense is and what his self about, what he likes and loves, what kind of thing that gives the unlimited energy through the life. What is his biggest power to be the supplies to reach the goal?
3. what he will be?
what kind of people he wants his self to be. All the things about the personality, career path, the things done when he reaches 30 or 50.  What will he do to get the goal?


Answering those question may not be easy for some people. I took 19 years to understand the goal of my life. It’s not easy, I admit, to be realize those question, to find the answer, or only to take the time to notice my self. Understanding our selves and life is really important for me. Well, actually not only man, but also woman should known his/her self at the very best. And it is including me, yeah I am on my way to answer those basic questions.


I once heard the interview about scholarship in Youtube. It was Ahmad Fuadi (an author, a Fullbright scholarship grantee) talking.

He said, there are many people smarter than you. You are not special unless you know what you want. Your dream, that makes you unique and special.


How could you ask for a girl if you have not recognized your self? That’s why I make it as the requirement.


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