The Map of Future

In the name of God, the most merciful, the most gracious.

It was a cloudy day in the holy month. The home was a bit quiet, with the resident inside took a nap. I was in my room (well, now it turns into a warehouse) alone with nothing to do. I took my new colorful pens and played with them. Then I started thinking and contemplating. I saw my dream list which I wrote in Google Docs and I reflected where I stood. I realized, I should rearranged my future plan and I had to start conditioning my self to achieve them. Then I was back to my colorful pens and a sheet of paper. I was doodling the paper.

Mr. Sun seemed so shy on that day. He was not showing his self as usual even in this “hot” town. The home was still quiet, no one had woken up from a nap. That Sunday afternoon with every one was fasting, taking a nap was a good choice. In a room, I was still absorbed with my paper. I wrote the timeline of my future, what I wanted to be when I turned into 25, 30, until 52. I vomited anything, about my dream. I wrote that I wanted to go to Europe, get married, have children, make books, build a school, and everything.

map of future

It was the 6th day of Ramadhan in 2013. I only could plan, do, and pray. So I was down on my knees and then I prayed, for the best God’s plan for my self, for my dream, for my future. I had planned how my self would be and I would do my best. For anything that I would face some day, it’s all God’s matter.

Allah, make them easy for me if they were good for me.


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