Simply, Change!

I’ve read a book titled Change! by Rhenald Kasali, and I am impressed.

It’s more than 200 years ago when Thomas Robert Malthus said that the power of population would soon grow up much greater than the power in the Earth to make food. What he said was just like a catasthrope. The people were shocked and got panicked. People should really make changes to stay alive.



That was the magic word said by Mr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono when he campaigned for president. He would soon change the nation, he said. The populations were stunned by the magic word, like it could spout the light of hopes. The taxi driver directly planned to build a house when he knew that Mr SBY was elected. The price of cement would soon get down, he believed. Not only in Indonesia, Bill Clinton was also elected twice as the president of great America along with that magic word coming in his campaign.


Do you know Brittanica? It was early a giant in encyclopedia world. Every campus, every school, every dashboard had Brittanica encyclopedia. It was unbeatable since 1768 until Bill Gates and his microsoft team came bringing the alteration. Microsoft could see clearly what tomorrow’s bias. They rented someone genius to move the contents of those heavy bold Brittanica book into a piece of CD. They spent $1 for each and sold it for $300. They made new brand encyclopedia. They changed the rule of game.


Prophet Muhammad is a way best example of change. Makkah was popular with its culture. Statues were everywhere, stupidity was clear, and the rule was a mess. But Prophet Muhammad came and simply wanted to change the population to be better. Not an easy voyage, definitely. However, with the power of patience, good attitude and behavior, and trust to God, he could finally make it perfect. In the end, almost all the population he drove were following him. Along with his outstanding live, his influences and changes he brought still well felt in the whole world, until now.


Even in every inch of our cells there must be something change. Day to night, night to day. Age by age is coming by and say hello annually. What changes that you have experienced this year? What changes thay you have made?

Change is the only evidence of life

-Evelyn Waugh

PS: it is not a….clear article I think, just a…simply contemplation, maybe?


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