The Year of Mine

When seconds are coming like flow, when minutes are saying good bye with no excuse, when hours are just jumbling without any permission, a lot of things have come and gone………..

This is 2012. This is the year of changing. This is the year of revolution. This is the turning point of my life, when I got the saddest moment of my life then it turned into the best grace. This is the most unpredictable year, when I got something I have never dreamed of then it was just coming easily. This is the wow year, when I have met very great people and a meaningful family. This is the time, the year of mine. All the moments, people, deadlines, projects, experiences, places, and steps I have met, are the best things.

From January to December, there was no single second going through without His love. The love He gave to me have successfully made my every single minutes be so worth. The moments were very precious so that they were felt like five minutes ago.

Wishfully, 2013 will be as good as, or even better, than this lovely 2012.

This is 2012, the year of mine. Thanks God for letting me go through this.


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