Be Careful

Hey guys,

Specially I post this articles for you. If you are an ambitious person who want to be the first person in your community, or make the world as your vision, or make a number one historical curriculum vitae, or change the nation and blablabla, or you want to be on the top (define ‘the top’ yourself), just be careful.

First, because this world is too much dynamic and changing. When firstly you think you are going to be a very good and super kind person, it’s may not going to be the same way for another minute. When you have an intention about yourself, the intention why you want to be like that and how you will act, you really have to tie strongly your intention, even until you’ve already been get your vision. Because much people are not fervent enough to hold their vision tightly when they’ve been in the top. Or maybe they are not willing not to be fervent, they just forget. Forget the first intention. Because they are humans.

Second, many people trust the cover, trust how you looked on the first sight. Which is good, if you have been in the top. But you really have to appreciate the trust, even from a low-level person. Don’t break the rule. It’s your fault to make a too-great cover, so don’t blame the people when they expect and demand the greatness from you. Just do the best you can, for every single thing (not only for thing you concern the most). Once you lost the trust from people, you are valueless. No body wants a valueless person.

Third, the top gives you much falsity. Hey, you are still in the world. You never know which one is true or not. When you are on the top, you’re gonna feel like you are a number one person. You will act like you are a sky person so you can not touch down the earth. You will think that people treat you like a boss just because your level is little bit higher. Actually, people don’t care whether you are on the top or not. They will be much more care to how you act and what you give to them. Don’t expect people to appreciate you like a God if you act like a scoundrel.

Bold it, people don’t care how long your CV, or how great your reign, or how hard you struggled. People care how you act, what you give to them. The higher you are, the more expectation you give to people. The more people expect you, the heavier you have to be. Once people -even from an understate level- are disappointed with you, once you be a valueless person. You are absolutely nothing.

Don’t only dream to be something. Dream to give something. Catch it.


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