[REPOST] To All Human Race

This letter is intended to all human race in the world.

Dear Human,

Hi! This is chimpanzee writing. Well actually I’m not the one writing it, it’s the blogger writing, this is me who has responsible to this idea but in order to shorten the words let us say that me writing it, deal? Okay human back to the letter. I’m writing it because nowadays I’ve discovered that the difference between gorilla and me is three times bigger than between us. Your species even say that your brilliant friend, Carolus Linnaeus, differentiated human and animal because he was afraid with presbyters and bishops. Isn’t it funny? I’m so happy at first when I knew this, because I’m your sibling! And from now on I declare my self as both brother and sister of you all, you whose skins are so soft and smooth 😀

For the next second I wondered, so what is the fundamental difference between us that makes me impossible have a good look like you? And after exploring, researching and examining, I’ve discovered the word ‘me’ having been our dividing difference. How can?? Uh huh maybe some of you now are asking why, no wonder my step siblings, I’m gonna show you my deduction, just scroll it down.

Okay, we move to the point now. Fyi (even chimpanzee know popular abbreviation e.g fyi, idk, idc, lol, etc), in my world, the word ‘me’ means me, as the individual. ‘Me’ who is hungry then ‘me’ eating, ‘me’ who wants to make babies with other ‘me’. It’s simple actually, even we ever fight each other but it’s full of fun! But in your world, the word ‘me’ is not simple as mine. It’smuch more complicated that makes my observation so long. In your world, the word ‘me’ means complicated.

This is ‘me’ who wants to be a better ‘me’, who wants to destroy the other ‘me’, who wants to make a world of ‘me’, and also who wants to love other ‘me’. And not all of you have same meaning of ‘me’. You mix your understandings of ‘me’ and hold it true. It’s not an overstatement that ‘complicated’ is your middle name, homo complicated sapiens.

No wonder if sometimes I feel compassionate with you. World can be destroyed, remade, changed, and destroyed again by only two letters, ‘me’. Oh human, can you just stop pacing and intervening the other ‘me’? Maybe if you could take thing as simple as me and stop exaggerating, we could have been in the same group of classification. Well even I know that we’d never be in the same group I’d like to help you out of your middle name. You know, your middle name is sucks and doesn’t match with your name. It’s better if you make it be homojoy sapiens or homorons sapien.

So here my tips for you. First, don’t treat me like dirts, it’s bullying and please remember that we’re same. Making joke with my name is counted bullying. Second,if you can, please remain me some bananas or fruits, I’m gonna appreciate you with pleasure. Third, I’d be happy if you want to change the world. But as I see that your efforts sometimes produce nothing, it would be much better if you first change your ‘me’ to be a better ‘me’. If you have succeeded change your ‘me’, change your environs, your city, your nation, and we please you to change your world, and mine. Last, this is out of topic actually, but important. Don’t humiliate or call your species with my name. Relating to point number one, I don’t want my name to be yours, find another names, be creative!

Dear siblings, I think I’ve shared my helps to you. Better if you use it wisely. By the way, I still want to be in the same classification with you. How damn Linnaeus was! He’s not brave enough to compare me with you. Oh ya, I’d be so pleased if you want to share tips how to make a smooth skin and good look like you 😉

Bye Brothers, bye sisters..





ps: I’m not making it as a humiliation to chimpanzee race -blog owner-


Tulisan ini dibuat pada tanggal 2 Desember 2010 dan dipublish di http://wordsofaworld.blogspot.com/2010/12/to-all-human-race.html.


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