[REPOST] The Ideas

I am now in the middle of intricacies. School, exams, college, some internal problems, and stuffs really make me sultry. The very unexpected score I got in last tryout, exams going so fast, and some problems that really make me out of my mind, are just jumbling, messing up my mind. I’m even dubious that I’m gonna get good score in my last exams. From dusk till dawn, I’m just twirling on stuff.

In this tiring condition, I have plenty ideas about what I want to do. Here is the list:

1. I want to use the gun, shoot with a real gun. Feeling the bullet fired and pushes me back. Letting the gunpowder scatter on me. Watching the bullet drift through the air, and boom! Hit the board. Then I spin and blow my gun. Damn cool.

2. I somehow want to be person behind the barongsai (lion dance) or reog. I can move whatever, slightly jump and dance with no tense. Well, no one can see my face, so I can do dumb things without any shame.

3. I want to learn how to do somersault and parkour or I’art du deplacement. I can jump over the trees and do some cool movements and be a traceuse. And when I get a problem and have no idea what to do, I just do somersault around the yard, spinning my body, crossing the earth.

4. Yabusame, a traditional Japanese archery. I can ride a black horse, and when it comes to the board, I raise arc and arrow and hiaaaaaa, the arrow is launched, pierce right on the mark. Then I just keep on riding. Super cool.

5. Skydiving. I imagine it like a film. “Hana! Are you ready?” “yes sir!” “Jump on three!” *gulp* “one! two! three!!” Then I fall down from helicopter, meet the sky and say hello to Mr.Eagle, and I open my parachute, land on earth gently.

6. Riding horse. Listening to the sound of horse’s legs smack the earth, hurtling with the wind, running doubtless, and feeling the flush.

7. I want to ride a convertible car. Just like films, I can stand on my seat when the car is speeding, put my hands up, feel the wind, and scream and sing out loud. uoooooh, how free I’m gonna feel, super rock and roll.

8. Cooking. I am literally affected by tv shows. I currently watch cooking shows such Junior masterchef, masterchef, and top chef that really blow me away. I really want to cook well. Process the ingredients to classy five-stars dishes, and I can serve them to public. Chocolate souffle, benedict egg, venison, sushi, wooooooowww I already am drooling now *surp* . God!

(I’m gonna update this post for more ideas 😉


Tulisan ini dibuat pada tanggal 26 Maret 2011 dan dipublish di http://wordsofaworld.blogspot.com/2011/03/ideas.html


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